We are node

John Elvesjö, Henrik Tellving, Daniela Sjunnesson, Mårten Skogö, Andy Johnston, Chris Albinsson, Rebecca Sjödin, Jonas Malm

We are thrilled to back the new generation of visionaries

As founders and operators, we have raised investment rounds, brought new technologies to market, built world-class IP portfolios, scaled internationally, and IPO:d companies. Experiences that have generated a sturdy foundation of learnings that we are eager to share with the new generation of tech innovators. We’ll help mitigate risks and navigate the bumpy road of building a company.

Together we attain the knowledge needed to see potential and help likely unicorns become windborne.

Reach out to anyone of us at firstname(@)node.vc

John Elvesjö
Daniela Sjunnesson
Chris Albinsson
Rebecca Sjödin
Jonas Malm
Henrik Tellving
Mårten Skogö
Andy Johnston