We are node

We are thrilled to back the new generation of visionaries

As founders and operators, we have raised investment rounds, brought new technologies to market, built world-class IP portfolios, scaled internationally, and IPO:d companies. Experiences that have generated a sturdy foundation of learnings that we are eager to share with the new generation of tech innovators. We’ll help mitigate risks and navigate the bumpy road of building a company.

Together we attain the knowledge needed to see potential and help likely unicorns become windborne.

Reach out to anyone of us at firstname(@)node.vc

John Elvesjö

Managing Partner

John Elvesjö is a passionate innovator and entrepreneur who genuinely loves building companies, IP portfolios, high-tech hardware, and software products. He brings a broad skill set and vast experience within multiple areas to the team and portfolio companies.  

Before becoming a full-time venture investor in 2018, John was an entrepreneur himself co-founding Tobii (Publ.), Tobii Dynavox (Publ.) and Jenser Technology. John’s experience ranges from inventing and building technology himself to running large R&D and M&A teams to broader company building from inception to +1000 employee IPO and beyond. John has also made private investments and/or held board director and advisor roles in several young technology companies such as Resolution Games, Yabie, Hooked Foods, Fast Travel Games, Zevoy, Wehype and Collective Minds Radiology. He has also been an advisor at Norrsken Accelerator, STING, Mentor2Research, Stockholm City Innovation Award and Venture Cup.

Daniela Sjunnesson


Daniela has a particular interest for product-lead organizations betting on disruptive business models and she loves working with companies and founders in early-stage. She brings her expertise in commercial strategy and B2C to the team and portfolio.  

Daniela’s background is in the gaming and e-commerce sectors. She has worked in different executive commercial roles in companies such as Paradox Interactive (Publ.), Avalanche Studios and Skincity. She has also run her own consultancy business working with clients ranging across different growth phases. Daniela is an active board member in well-known game and tech companies, including Fast Travel Games, Avalanche Studios Group and Inet AB and has made angel investments in carefully selected startups.  

Chris Albinsson


Chris is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurs that are contributing to improvement by bringing innovations to market. He is interested in new technology of all sorts and never misses a chance to dabble with and learn more about exciting tech. He brings his expertise from venture capital and growth investing in a variety of sectors. In particular, he has experience managing and investing fund capital across various growth investment settings.


Chris has been an active venture capital investor since 2018, at Brightly Ventures. At Brightly, he worked on the investments in Collective Minds Radiology, Wehype, Acuminor, EVAM, and Yabie where he continues to serve as deputy board member. Before becoming a full-time investor, Chris worked with M&A at Tobii (Publ.) and at the growth private-equity firm, Procuritas. He has an M.Sc. in Engineering in industrial engineering and management from Linköping University.

Rebecca Sjödin

Investment Principal

Rebecca is a curious investor with a great desire and joy for discovering new innovations and meeting new people and companies, with a particular interest in health and wellness as a certified Mindfulness Coach. She brings extensive experience from the financial industry both as advisor and investor.


She started building her experience as an Investment Banker at Carnegie Investment Bank, moving on to become a venture capital and growth investor at Novax. She later founded her own company, supporting founders and early-stage growth companies. Rebecca holds a degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics.

Jonas Malm

Investment Associate

Jonas is a curious engineer and particularly interested in math-fueled tech such as machine learning and operations research, having built some simple projects himself. He brings experience from his previous roles in venture capital and supporting startups as a consultant.

Before joining node.vc, Jonas worked as an Investment Analyst for Brightly Ventures and a single family office alongside his studies. Jonas graduated from Linköping Institute of Technology with an MSc in Industrial Engineering and wrote his thesis in machine learning. He was also a student consultant for over three years and involved in 16 projects mainly helping startups evaluate markets and analyze competitors.

Henrik Tellving


​Henrik is driven by simplifying the customer experience. Being an ex-founder himself, he brings expertise in digitalization, B2B SaaS, Marketing, and entrepreneurship in general to the team and portfolio.

Prior to node.vc, Henrik was a co-founder of allabolag.se where he was CMO and Board Member as well as the co-inventor and designer of the unique search algorithm in use. Henrik has a history of working in the startup sector with private angel investments in companies such as Vässla, Goava, Innovative Search Marketing, Zevoy, and Skinfo. Besides from being a board member in several investees he is also involved in the formation of the board in Tobii (Publ.) and Tobii Dynavox (Publ.).

Mårten Skogö


Mårten is a passionate entrepreneur who loves innovating and bringing new technology to market. He knows what it’s like to be in the shoes of the entrepreneurs and he has hands-on experience from the bumpy roads of building companies and making products come to life.

In 1999 Mårten co-founded his first company, Jenser Technology, and two years later he co-founded Tobii (Publ.), the global leader in eyetracking, where he’s been on the board and held different executive roles within R&D. At Tobii he got to experience all the growth phases from inception to IPO. After 20 years as an entrepreneur, he joined the investor side as CTO at Industrifonden, the Stockholm-based evergreen VC investor. In recent years he’s also been an active angel investor.

Andy Johnston


Andy is deeply interested in product design and engineering and is a hacker and tinkerer at heart. He is passionate about the design, build, and operations of cutting-edge technology products.  

Andy has been a professional investor for quite some time. First as a Partner at MOOR and later as a Co-founder and Partner at Brightly Ventures. He has contributed to the journeys of Volumental, Debricked, Buildsafe, Spotscale, EVAM amongst others. Andy has a highly technical background, and has worked in engineering leadership roles, all around the world, at telecommunications giant Ericsson.