Henrik Tellving


​Henrik is driven by simplifying the customer experience. Being an ex-founder himself, he brings expertise in digitalization, B2B SaaS, Marketing, and entrepreneurship in general to the team and portfolio.

Prior to node.vc, Henrik was a co-founder of allabolag.se where he was CMO and Board Member as well as the co-inventor and designer of the unique search algorithm in use. He also co-founded companies like Retriever Business and Innovative Search Marketing. Henrik has a history of working in the startup sector with private angel investments in companies such as Vässla, Goava, Zevoy, and Skinfo. Besides from being a board member in several investees he was also a member of the Tobii Nomination committee in Tobii (Publ.) and Tobii Dynavox (Publ.) between 2018-2022.