Our approach

Driven by disruptive forces

What we are looking for

The evolution of technology interconnects with all that happens in the world; therefore, we are a sector-agnostic fund that seeks companies driven by disruptive forces. However, we do look more closely at particular areas which we’re confident will play a considerable part in reshaping the technological and social arenas.

Person wearing a VR headset

New experiences

Humanity is embarking on a journey through experiences never before seen. We’re encountering digital art on physical walls through our phones, virtual worlds, interactive gaming, online funeral services, and commercial spacelines. Namely, we’re no longer planetary-bound since the day the virtual and otherworldly fused with our everyday lives, which gives room for a whole new type of space race, achieved through technology.

New media
Node Ventures, node.vc
On-demand technology
Person attending a video meeting on an iPad

Smarter workplaces

As a result of covid, technology, and globalization, we’re amidst the upheaval of old structures. “Going to work” is taking on a new meaning as more and more employers discourage office-bound work as well as the nine-to-five standard. As a result, we’re seeing AI-driven recruiters, online office spaces, global remote teams, and other digital tools that support virtual work. The market is new; the opportunities are infinite.

Developer tools
John Elvesjö, Henrik Tellving, Daniela Sjunnesson, Andy Johnston, Mårten Skogö, Chris Albinsson, Jonas Malm, Rebecca Sjödin
Digital workplaces
Productivity tools
Close up of futuristic building

Platform technologies

Today’s society is undergoing a series of large shifts, powered by new and improved core technologies and services, ranging all the way from on-chip technologies to FinTech innovations. We can trust that in whatever way we can further improve accessibility and convenience through platform technologies, we will.

Cloud infrastructure
Machine intelligence