Chris Albinsson


Chris is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurs that are contributing to improvement by bringing innovations to market. He is interested in new technology of all sorts and never misses a chance to dabble with and learn more about exciting tech. He brings his expertise from venture capital and growth investing in a variety of sectors. In particular, he has experience managing and investing fund capital across various growth investment settings.


Chris has been an active venture capital investor since 2018, at Brightly Ventures. At Brightly, he worked on the investments in Collective Minds Radiology, Wehype, Acuminor, EVAM, and Yabie where he continues to serve as deputy board member. Before becoming a full-time investor, Chris worked with M&A at Tobii (Publ.) and at the growth private-equity firm, Procuritas. He has an M.Sc. in Engineering in industrial engineering and management from Linköping University.